Client Services

Pathfinders' core asset is our team of experienced consultants. Our skill in recruiting and building relationships enables us to function as extensions of our clients' human resources departments. We are committed to understanding the culture of those organizations, as well as each company's tangible and intangible requirements for a given position. We measure our success by the permanent client relationships we forge and our consistent performance in securing superior administrative talent to meet their needs.

Potential candidates are identified through relationship-centered recruiting, creative research and referral-driven sourcing systems. Evaluations are made following in-depth interviews, thorough skills testing (Prove It!) and comprehensive referencing. Only the best candidates are then selected for presentation. To put it simply, we invest our time and expertise to deliver excellent results quickly and consistently. This process helps insure a successful long-term relationship between employer and employee. The effectiveness of our approach is substantiated by references from the impressive array of clients who have benefited from our services.